Upcoming Events

Upcoming NJBA Meet Dates:
Open Forge meet Princeton University
More info below
Sept. (date TBD)   Meet at the Shop of the Blacksmith of Trenton. This is not an NJBA event. The date will not conflict with the Red Mill event. (See next newsletter for more details.)
Saturday in Autumn Oct or Nov? Anvil Repair Workshop
NJBA is considering holding another anvil-repair workshop. Contact NJBA Director Al Mottram if interested
Oct or Nov? During school day MAST Open Forge Event.
MAST would still like NJBA to run an open forge meet for their students. We would need six folks to help tend the fires. Contact Bruce Freeman if interested in helping.
The Marine Academy of Science and Technology
(Fort Hancock, Sandy Hook)


Non-NJBA Meets

Open Forge at Princeton University

Saturday, October 14th 9:00am - 5:00pm

Princeton Materials Research Society
70 Prospect Avenue, Bowen Hall, Princeton, NJ 08504
Princeton Open Forge meet is on Saturday Oct. 14

This is an Open Forge Meet. We will have tarps set up and several forges. If you can attend and bring equipment, contact Bruce Freeman.

This is an nice meet and we introduce students to forging hot metal. Last year was a great time. We had professors, undergraduates and graduate students all trying blacksmithing. Come out and forge and help teach others!

MAST Event.
Date TBD, check back

MAST Event. The Marine Academy of Science and Technology (Fort Hancock, Sandy Hook) has asked NJBA to hold an open forge meet for their high school junior class of 70 students. (8 AM to 2:30 PM on a weekday, probably before the end of April.) This is not a meet open to NJBA members generally, but we are soliciting additional blacksmiths to assist. Contact NJBA Director Bruce Freeman for further information.

Anvil-repair Workshop.
Autumn at Marshall's Farm

If we get enough interest, we will be holding another of our famous participatory workshops. Price per anvil likely to be $125, but may be more or less depending upon the condition of the anvil.
Contact NJBA Director Al Mottram if interested.

Outside NJBA Meets