Upcoming Events

Upcoming NJBA Meet Dates:
Braided Handle AND Hot Cut Workshop Sat. Feb 16 A demonstration of the forging of two different items -- a braided handle and a hot-cut -- will be followed by a hands-on workshop. All fees -- the $15 material fee
Joint Meeting of NJBA, PABA and NOMMA in Easton, PA Sat. April 6 Eric Cuper is holding a joint meeting at Cuper Studios
Bowie Blade Workshop April or May You will be guided in the forging of a simple knife blade
Steel Bloom Smelt Spring A demonstration to be run by Mark Morrow. Date and details yet to be determined.
Red Mill Meet & Picnic Sat. August 24 Hold the date and plan to tailgate all your unwanted treasures.


Non-NJBA Meets

Outside NJBA Meets