NJBA Meet At Historic Cold Spring VIllage
July 9-10 2005

We had a rather good demonstration even this past weekend, July 9,10 2005 at Historical Cold Spring Village. On Saturday, I was joined by Bill Futer and Don Harbart. We set up the equipment a little farther away from the blacksmith shop but in a location that provided shade all day long. We did not use the tarp since we did have the shade.

Both Don and Bill provided demonstrations to the public and more importantly supervised some members of the public who wished to try blacksmithing. I saw at least 2 or 3 people trying out blacksmithing. Don worked with a young man named David who is apprenticing at the HSCV shop. They worked on forging a knife out of a railroad spike - looked pretty good.

Since the portable forges were pretty busy, I helped interpret in the shop on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I reworked a hot cut into a punch and fixed up a few tongs - what a surprise. We also fixed the handle of the shop's squirrel bellows. The shop also has a canvas sided bellows, but it does not appear to work very well. The squirrel bellows leaks oil pretty badly. Perhaps in the future we can have a work day there to fix both. We did find the smaller bellows and the leg vice - there we were tightly packed in the front of the trailer, so I could not easily see them when we working on the trailer roofs. The trailer pulled really well on the highway. No problems with the brake system.

On Sunday I worked on making a rush lamp. Jerry Goldman was working on a candelabra which is part trammel hook, and part copper candle cups. It was quite impressive to watch him sweat solder between the copper piped and dished copper bowls to make the candle holder.

The entire village staff was extremely helpful and accommodating for our demonstrations. They have offered to help reimburse some of our travel costs, so I will be submitting a letter indicating the distances traveled and the tolls. Boy my truck sucks gas when I am pulling that trailer.

On Monday I stopped at the shop of Stephen Bradway who is a copper smith in Rio Grande. He makes some beautiful items including copper cook wear. I went to the shop to pick up a swedge block that Jerry donated to NJBA. For now I have the swedge block at my shop not the trailer - it is a fairly good size block and I don't think we need the extra weight in the trailer. I have smaller swedge block that we could put on the trailer.
Report by David Macauley