NJBA Meet at the Monmouth County Fair
July 27-31 2005

Marshall with some help from the Longstreet Farms people did get our equipment set up at the Monmouth county fair. Norm Nelson and I did demonstrations on Saturday and Sunday. I was joined by Spencer (don't have his last name) who is one of the older kids at the Pine Creek Railroad. Spencer has been working/playing around the Railroad for many years, but I think he really enjoys blacksmithing. He made some nice hooks at the fair. Spencer also help me break down the site on Sunday. Tom M. and I picked up the equipment with the trailer on Monday night - pretty easy. One thing that is definitely missing from the trailer is our sign. IT is probably hanging around Marshall's somewhere. At some point I would love to have a new fabric banner made with New Jersey Blacksmith Association on it. I think it would be a great idea if we could also make some kind of banner stand.
Report by David Macauley