NJBA Meet At The The Red Mill Museum
August 21 2005

Red Mill Museum Meet And NJBA Picnic
On August 21st Adam Howard and the Red Mill Museum hosted the NJBA Picnic and Tool Swap Meet. During the day Adam Howard demonstrated in the shop and ran around helping to get needed items. John Chobrda brought the BBQ grill and the cooking expertise to go with it. Thanks to all who brought dishes to the meet and Adam and John for what they provided. We had a very good Iron In The Hat, Many tailgaters were there and except for the heat that day the meet was a success. Adam has suggested an October meet next year, perhaps a harvest festival, hope to see you all there next year.

Red Mill Museum Shop


Adam Howard in the Shop

Jeff Morelli 1

Jeff Morelli 2

David Macauley with the
Iron In The Hat

John Chobrda cooling off