NJBA Demonstration Meet at
Cold Spring Village July 2006

NJBA Public Demonstration
Historic Cold Spring Village,
July 22 -23, 2006

Submitted by David Macauley
NJBA continued its annual tradition of providing public demonstrations of Blacksmithing to the public at Historic Cold Spring Village (HCSV) in Cape May NJ. Well this year the weather was not too cooperative.
When David Macauley arrived at HCSV around 9AM it was raining with thunderstorms in the area. Don Herbert ad showed up with his wife and artistic muse/friend and we all donned rain coats and hung out under the picnic pavilion. Due to the weather we decided not to un load the trailer, instead we started blacksmithing in the village shop with Jerry Goldman who is the resident smith. By 10AM the weather abated enough for us to unload and set up David’s transportable equipment in front of the shop. By about 11AM John Scancella, Mike Erdie and his family showed up and we started blacksmithing both in the shop and with the portable equipment.

Jerry Goldman and David Macauley

David worked on making leaf shaped napkin holders which he demonstrated at the demonstration workshop. Mike brought a bell that he had been making from the top of oxygen tank. It rings load and clear. John had made a fire rake for the portable equipment since I forgot to bring any fire tools. Don did some interpretation of what the blacksmiths were making. We had lunch in the Grange which has a new proprietor – the food was pretty good. It was excellent opportunity to socialize. The afternoon’s weather improved and we continued to demonstrate. We had some hardy visitors and we invited several to try blacksmithing which they did.
The weather continued to be humid but not too hot on Sunday. Bill Futer and Patrick O’Brian came to demonstrate on Sunday. Bill worked with Patrick to make leaf shaped key rings – again a project demonstrated during the demonstration workshop – good job Bruce! David worked with

Jerry to make a pair of box jaw tongs from railroad spikes. We had a few more visitors on Sunday but it continued to be a quiet weekend which did make the drive home less crowded. Many thanks to Mike, John, Don, Bill and Patrick for coming out to demonstrate. I think everyone had a good time and got to at least enjoy some good ice cream. I would like to extend my personal thanks to Jerry for being so hospitable with his shop. It always a great pleasure to visit HCSV even if the weather does not cooperate.