Delaware Valley
Old Time Power Show 2006

Delaware Valley
Old Time Power Show

Report by John Chobrda
The “Days of the Past” old time power show was held this September and NJBA was there again demonstrating. True to form we had rain again. Friday was a total wash out with only a few people arriving with there antique engines, tractors, and trucks. The field was very soft and muddy from the previous rains. Mike Erdie, Mitch Swirsky, and I (John Chobrda) arrived with the trailer, set up the rain tarp and sat back to watch the entrance turn in to a hog wallow. It’s amazing just how many four wheel drive vehicles got stuck in the mud.
John Chobrda forging baler hardware

We even watched a small dozer get mired down. The sun came out Saturday and things started to dry out (but there were still some very wet spots) we set up the equipment, started a fire, and started forging. Mike Erdie forged and sold a bunch of heart hooks and got some of the young people in the crowd to help crank the blower and do a little forging. Mitch Swirsky was our interrupter, explaining to the onlookers what we were doing, and forged a few leafs. A member of the group that runs the show came with some broken pieces off of an antique baler and asked if we could forge some new pieces for him.
Mike Erdie teaching at the forge

Sunday was a warm beautiful day and the crowds responded by really coming out. Mike worked on some more hooks, finished up a bell he has been working on and we helped one of the young show attendees forge a heart hook to take home. Mitch was our lecturer again and I finished the hardware for the bailer.

Mitch explaining
We had some NJBA members show up over the weekend Larry Brown, Tom Majewski, Larry Fogg and Tom Eden. We hiked up to the flea mkt. area a couple of times but only saw one anvil (beat and overpriced) and some foundry tongs (so I saved money). One day the owner of the steam tractor that was there parked it right next to us, so between the sound of the steam whistle and the ring of the anvil we had a large crowed all day. All in all it was a nice weekend and if you could not make it this year we hope to see you next September