NJBA Forge Hood Workshop May 19th 2007

Report On The
Forge Hood Workshop

On Saturday May 19th we had a successful workshop. We made 14 hoods as planned. We had about 1 dozen people who showed up - many of which did not buy a hood but donated their time. NJBA would like to thank you very much for your help.

Eight people have bought hoods already - all but 1 have picked up their hood. We have 6 hoods left to sell and they are being stored in one of Marshall's trailers.

The total expense of the workshop was $1,535.23 which included supplies, coffee and donuts for the morning. The stainless Steel sheets were pretty expensive - probably because we bought so few. The total income for the workshop is: $ 1,415. That includes the sale of 3 shirts at the event. So right now we have a net loss of $120, so we are not in the hole by much. We intend to sell the remaining 6 hoods for $200 for folks who did not attend the workshop. For those who did we will offer a $25 discount. If we sell all of the hoods which I think we will, we will have a profit of $1,080 which ain't bad for a day's work. We will bring a few to each event that we have.

There are still a few left, contact David Macauley or Marshall Bienstock