NJBA Demonstration by
Mark Morrow, Swordsmith
at Marshal's Farm, February 2008

These pictures were provided by Tom Majewski and Larry Brown

Report by Larry Brown

Mark Morrows Demonstration at
Marshall Farm on February 23th


Mark Morrow demonstrated the making of a roman gladiators sword for NJBA on February 23rd at Marshall Shop. Mark started by talking about the development of the Roman sword and the weapons of their advisories such as a long Persian blade that he had brought a blank for as a sample. Mark then started with a tool steel stock that he had cut diagonally giving the sword point from each blank a start. He draws out the tang on a power hammer and then starts forging the blade by working from the tip back to the tang. He works the stock evenly from both sides and straightens as he does. He uses a gas forge for his forging heat source. Mark also discussed different types of materials used for the hilts and scabbards. Mark brought several styles of blades in various stages of completion to show the process used to create the blade and the scabbard.

Mark was a very enjoyable and knowledge able demonstrator and if we can get him to demo for us again be sure not to miss the opportunity to see him.

Had a more detailed write up but it died in the computer, this it where the help from others at events such as sending me copies of your notes can assist greatly. LB