NJBA Meet at Eric Cuper's Eric Cuper and Dan O'Sullivan
January 2008

These pictures were provided by Tom Majewski and Larry Brown

Report by Larry Brown

OK, with much apology I post this to the site. I never recieved a write up for the event from anyone and I did not do it myself, so as I am updating the web site I find that the event never got reported on. This show that the editor needs some assistance, its our group so help out!

The event was held at Eric Cuper's shop in Easton, PA on January 26th 2008. The day started with Eric showing a finial he would reproduce. He made the center bar first, then made the outer pieces and forge welded them together. Dan O'Sullivan did the second demo of the morning forging a snail similar to the ones he had brought with him as an example. We then had lunch and John Chobrda and Tom Majewski ran the Iron In The Hat and auctioned the pieces for Randy McDaniel's demo in November. Dan followed by forging an animal head on the end of a bar and the day was finished by Eric forging a pair of tongs.

I would try to provide a better description of the demos but it has been a while and I'd rather not describe things incorrectly.