NJBA Anvil Repair Workshop 1999

As one of the anvil repair workshop participants I would like to thank Greg Phillips on behalf of NJBA for his outstanding efforts in putting this workshop together.
Report by Greg Phillips;
The anvil repair workshop originally scheduled to take place at the Orange County Farmers Museum was held at the the shop of Greg Phillips. It started at about 6 am on Sat. with the starting of the preheat fire. Lunch was served over at the Museum. Saturday afternoon there were as many as four welders operating at a time. There was a brief intermission Saturday night then workshop continued until about 4 pm Sunday afternoon.
Thanks to the Herculean efforts of Marshal, Larry, Bruce and others 13 anvils were repaired. Special thanks to those who donated the use of equipment to the effort. Tom McDonald "McDonald & McDonald Inc.". of Newburgh NY for donating the use of three trucks, 2 welders, a box of rods and who knows what else. Bob Ewald "Ewalds Logging" of Pine Bush NY forthe use of a welder and MIG machine. Safety equipment was donated by Dick Polich "Polich Art Works Rock Tavern NY.

Anvils Roasting in an open file

Marhal and Larry weld a new tail on the broken anvil

Grinding a groove in the anvil to complete the weld

Marshall Bienstock cutting supports for a new tail to fix a broken anvil

An electric blower keeps the fire hot!

Welding the edges of the anvils

Tom McDonald unloading another Welding Machine

Let's take this guys home