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Photos courtesy of John Chorbda

NJBA Cold Spring Village Meet
Report by David Macauley
NJBA Cold Spring Meeting 6/15 - 6/16/02
NJBA once again participated in the FarmFest event sponsored by Historic Cold Spring Village in Cape May NJ. NJBA provided demonstrators on both Saturday June 15, 2002 and Sunday June 16th. David Macauley dragged the NJBA trailer down on Friday night and was able to drop it off directly next to the blacksmith shop at HCSV. Saturday started with a swarm of Mosquitoes that braved our black smoky fires. Tim Sutter brought down a forge, anvil and stand which was augmented by the NJBA forges, anvils and tools. After erecting the tarp for protection from the non existent sun (at least for Sunday) we proceeded to get two forges going. Many thinks to all those who helped set up and take down our exhibit. In attendance on Saturday were:
David Macauley and wife
John Chobrda and wife
Tim Suter
Larry Brown
Jerry Goldman
Mike Erdie and family
Tom Eden and family
Mitch Swirsky and significant other (wife?)
Mike Mills
John and Mitch worked on making a flesh fork from stainless steel. Larry and David made some helpers for the forges (small adjustable stands for holding stock in the fires). Tim bought quite a bit of his pieces for display. John' wife sold our new NJBA hats.
On Saturday NJBA hosted lunch at the Grange in HCSV at which time a very brief business meeting was held. All directors who were up for reelection where reelected by unanimous vote. This included:
Bruce Freeman
Anton Holstrom
David Macauley
John Chobrda
Greg Phillips
Tim Suter
On Sunday we had: David, Tim, Jerry, Mike Erdie, Mike Mills and Tom in attendance.

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Tim Suter's sample table, 1

Tim Suter's sample table, 2

Close up of Tims Turtle

The other side of Tim's turtle

Mitch forging a fork from Stainless

Mike keeping a eye on Mitch

Saturday's participants

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