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Jay Shah, Architectural Iron Designs, Inc.
Phone: (800) 784-7444

Charlie Spademan
http://www.spademanfabrication.com and/or

Eric Von Arx


Lightning Forge, Larry Brown
- Under Construction -
Email larrybrown@lightningforge.com

Links to other blacksmithing sites and references;

I Forge Iron .com - Blacksmithing Reference

New Jersey Museum of Transportation (NJMT)

The mission of New Jersey Museum of Transportation (NJMT), Inc is to collect, preserve, display, interpret, and operate historic railroad equipment, in order to, preserve the history of railroading for the education and enjoyment of future generations.

NJMT is located in Allaire State Park NJ and has a fully equipped machine shop and now blacksmith shop dedicated to maintenance and preservation of its railroad stock. Many opportunities exist for individuals to learn and practice not only blacksmithing, but also general mechanical repair. NJMT provides several blacksmithing demonstrations to the public during the year. At least one NJBA meeting is also hosted at the NJMT forge each year.


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