January 2001
Alex Parubchenko's Shop in Trenton

On January 13th we held a meet at Alex Parubchenko's Shop in Trenton, NJ.About 25 members were in attendance. After coffee and some small shop tours Alex started the meet with a little background chat about himself and the shop. He then started the demonstration off by forging a chain link about 6" wide and 12" long of 1" stock. Alex and his helper John Chobrda worked together with John striking as they bent, scarfed and welded the link. During the process Alex described the chain links he made from 2 3/4" stock for West Point to replicate the chain that was stretched across the Hudson during the Revolutionary War. We then took a short break with some members trying the small mechanical power hammer in the back room of the shop.Then Alex then resumed the demo by making a "blacksmiths knife", a small folding knife with a blade from an unknown, but hardenable stock and a handle from mild steel. Then we took a short break to run the "Iron in the Hat" and Alex resumed by demonstrating his method of heat treating the blade. It is always a pleasure visiting with Alex and John and we appreciate him opening his shop up to us.