Report on Meet in
Historic Cold Spring Village in Cape May, NJ

June 14 -15th, 2003
Prepared by David Macauley

The New Jersey Blacksmith Association held a general meeting and demonstration at Historic Cold Spring Village (HCSV) in Cape May New Jersey on June 14th, 2003. The demonstrations where also performed on Sunday June 15th. The event Coincided with HCSV's tractor Trailer and Trade event. HCSV is a 19th century restored village – actually a collection of restored buildings from the area that were brought to a common site. There is a blacksmith shop in the village, which is run by one of our members Jerry Goldman. NJBA has been participating in this event for at least 4 years now.

Despite the rain that covered just about the entire state, it was dry in Cape May. We had several NJBA forges and personal forges including John Chobrda’s portable forge in operation. Several members brought some of their work to display. There were not too many visitors in the village either day due to the weather, but those who were present seemed to take a keen interest in our activities. As usual NJBA provided lunch in the Grange on Saturday. Little formal business was conducted other than to reminds folks of the upcoming events. David and Jerry performed the demonstrations on Sunday. Since the crowds were quite light we were able to allow a few members of the public to try blacksmithing. This was quite successful – I believe we received a new member as a r result.

Present at the event were:
David Macauley and his family, Bruce Freeman, John Chobrda, Bill Futer, Mitch Swirsky and his wife , Mike Erdie and his family, Jerry Goldman, Shawn ? and his girlfriend (potential new member)

Pictures from lunch at Cold Spring Village