Report on October 19th Meet at Longstreet Farm

By Bruce Freeman
The day was cool and overcast, probably accounting for the low turn out of NJBA members and visitors. I showed up at about 10 AM for a meeting slated at 9:30, to find Norm working at the forge and two NJBA members in attendence, Randy Schnittger and George, who had wife and grandkids in tow. We got a rivet forge out of the woodworking shop and I got that up and running and demonstrated making a hook for some visitors. Randy and George left before noon, when we broke for a lunch kindly prepared by Longstreet employee, Laura. Mike Erde (sp?) showed up just in time for lunch.

After lunch, Norm took a couple branding irons and did woodburning for 200 lucky kids. Meanwhile, Mike demonstrated making hooks and a pair of tongs, which he left with Longstreet Farm, while I interpreted.