Longstreet Farm 5/19/01

Report on the May 19 2001 Membership Meeting
by Bruce Freeman
The May meeting was held at Longstreet Farm (in Holmdell Park, Monmouth Co., NJ). Jeff Morelli was present with his forge and anvil, demonstrating making extensible coal tongs ("lazy tongs"). He also had a number of his other products on display knives, a pipe tool, a striker, etc.

I had borrowed Marshall Bienstock's display of the stages in making a spoon, and had laid it out where people could see it. I did some work on one such spoon that I had previously begun, but yielded the forge when Grant Clark needed it. Grant went to work finishing up some brackets for a fire engine. These brackets apparently hold a pole in the horizontal position. The is generally S-shaped, with a fork on the upper end. Grant made a tool to help make the S-curve uniform between the several brackets.

This meeting was to have been the NJBA elections meeting. Attendance was quite low, apparently due to late delivery of the newsletter. (Norm had only received his copy that morning!). Accordingly, the election was postponed until June.

However, the demonstrations were well received by the visiting public, and Norm invited a couple children into the shop to crank the blower handle while Grant or I were forging. Overall, it was a worthwhile day.