February 2001 Meet at Marshalls Farm

On February 18th we held a meet at Marshall's farm in Howell, NJ. Marshall treated us to a demo based on the classes he took at Cambell Folk School in N.C. this January. Marshall took one course with Tom Latane on re-creating a small bench vise and a course with Bill Fiorini on forging damascus steel knives. Marshall's first demo piece was forging a sample of the "Table" holding piece of the vise with its 3 sided tenon and punching a hole through a piece of 1" stock to show the technique for joining the piece to the vise and the table piece.He then discussed how each part of the vise was forged and the jaws welded on. Jeff Morelli also brought an antique table vise he had bought that looked like Tom Latane had used it as a model for his plans. (Tom has given permission for the plans to be reprinted in this newsletter starting on page )

We then broke for lunch and a very good "Iron in the Hat"(Good because I actually won some of the stuff I wanted, Remember everyone bring something and buy tickets).After lunch Marshall demonstrated punching a hammer head handle hole using methods he had learned from Bill Fiorini. One of the interesting thing about Bill's method is that he forges the hammer head then punches the hole. Marshall also discussed the techniques used to forge the damascus blanks he made in the class. Many thanks to Marshall for sharing his shop and experiences with us.