Monmouth County Fair Meet 2001

Report by David Macauley
The Monmouth county fair went flawlessly this year. We thought we might have problems with lighting, but we were able to use a propane lamps without any problems. The small forge worked wonderfully. The chimney that Bruce Freeman rigged for it needs some more work, but what he put in place worked. We were able to vent most of the smoke up the chimneys this year.

At the meeting on Friday we had present Alex Burke, Marshall Bienstock, Bruce Freeman, David Macauley, Daniel Rice and his son David. Did I miss anyone? We primarily made tongs this year.

We fabricated a pair or 5/8" box jaws, 1/2" round and a pair of slotted flat tongs. I also donated some files, punches, stock, tape, hammers, and some other things. The tool box Bruce and Marshall salvaged worked great. Now we need another to hold all of the tools we are collecting. Lighter weight hoods would be very valuable. I would like to add a special thanks to Daniel and David who helped with the setup and tear down of the demonstration site.