October Meet at Peters Valley

Report by Doug Learn

A small but committed group of members met at Peters Valley Craft Center on 28 October to lend a hand to the Center and John Rias. After the requisite introductions, coffee and donuts, the group broke up and set to the tasks that John had prepared. Over the course of the day four swinging guillotine fullers were forged and fabricated from mild and spring steel and a selection of fullers, drifts, and punches forged from L6 and W1 tool steel for general use in the shop.

After a fast lunch, Iron in the Hat was held, $130 was separated from the attendees on the chance that the large selection of items would go home with the attendees, including Tim Suter's ever-present barrels and Bruce Freeman's Super Quench kit, and Greg donated the mystery box that may prove to become an IITH tradition. Two t-shirts were sold. And Bruce unveiled the final draft of the Grasshopper treadle hammer plans.

Overall, a good day of blacksmithing fellowship and gave some much-needed assistance to Peters Valley. Thanks to all that attended and hope to see more of you next year, as this will become a yearly event. The Center is a gem of a venue for smithing instruction very close to the membership, and John is an asset to the Center and NJBA, as he helped in obtaining three Peters Valley scholarships for NJBA members this year. Look for more cooperation between NJBA and Peters Valley in the coming years.