Peters Valley Pig Roast and Fund Raiser

Two reports on the Peters Valley Meet Sept. 1, 2001

Report by Bruce Ringier
On Saturday, September 1, 2001 a fundraiser was held at Peters Valley Blacksmith shop about 110 people attended at one time or another during the day . John Rais demoed, as did Jim Wycoff, his leaf making and flower demo was packed. Johnís demo was early and not as full. The band was tight and played for lunch and after the auction. All reports were positive on the music. The pig was great not a meated bone was left although there were complaints that the food was not ready soon enough {about a 1/2 hour late] salads were plentiful and there were cookies in the shape of anvils. The beer was readily consumed 2+1/2 kegs gone, a bud, black and tan and a lager (ying ling). PV ceramics studio made and sold PV blacksmithing pig roast mugs and steins "little anvils stamped on them". The party lasted until about 830 pm a few diehards stayed until morning myself included J.D Smith showed up about 630 pm He came from Boston. Many states were represented, VT, NJ, NY, MASS, FLA, NW MX, PA and I am sure others that I missed. The auction was a great success raising about $1700, there all totaled about 3500.00 after expenses. Enough to do some real good. Meagan and I wish to Thank the NJBA for their support. I knew some but not all, Tim S., Bruce F., Josh K .The money is awaiting to be used for improvements to the shop. Thanks again
Bruce Ringier

Report by Doug Learn
On 01 September over 100 ardent supporters of the Peters Valley Craft Education Center blacksmith program gathered at the blacksmith shop to show their support and enjoy good fellowship. Spearheaded by NJBA board member and PV Board member Bruce Ringier and assisted by NJBA members, the pig roast and fund-raising party was held under perfect blue skies and cool temperatures. Resident smith Maegen Crowley (and 2002 ABANA Conference demonstrator) hid her nervousness well as the attendees mingled amidst the food, drink, music, merchandise, auction items, and demonstrations in the smithy. Jim Wyckoff, John Rais, and others demonstrated for the attendees. The highlight of the event was the auction, where smiths and organizations from across the blacksmithing community donated their talents, objects and services for the cause. A substantial sum was raised to be used for the improvement of the smithy. Thanks to all who attended, helped out, and in the end showed that the blacksmith program at PV has helped many to sharpen their skills, but just as importantly, has contributed to the fellowship of blacksmithing in New Jersey and beyond.