Reports on the Pigiron Fest at Peters Valley
And Red Mill Forge

Combined report by Bruce Freeman:
Peters Valley Pigiron Fest and Red Mill Tool Swap
By the time I'd driven the ~2 hr from the Jersey Shore to Layton, I need coffee badly, and managed to scald my mouth on the super-hot coffee that was all I could find. I'm happy to report that appropriate medicine was available at the pig roast (five kegs of it, I understand) so that I didn't feel a thing! Between doses of medicine, I had a great time trading lies, eating pork, and watching demonstrations. Bruce Ringier ran the auction, raising a considerable sum for the PV blacksmithing program. After the formal festivities were over, some of us hung around rather late (like 2 AM). I was grateful for a bed at PV (at a nominal charge), obviating driving home.

Rather late the next morning I scraped myself out of bed and headed south for the tool swap at the Red Mill. There too, medication was available in adequate supply, though I had to cool it a bit because I needed to drive home. There were several vendors of many things, from pure iron to silver jewelry. Roger Duncan tells me that he plans to keep a pure iron ("double aught" iron) on the market, and I plan to remain a customer of his. (I drove home with 125# of pure iron.) John Chobrda ran the grill, while Adam Howard coordinated the demonstrations. Marshall Bienstock ran the IITH, raising more than enough to cover our costs.

These two events have rightly become annual. Only suggestion: Let's try to avoid conflicting with the Dover conference, which is also a good event. - Bruce Freeman.