Tim Millers’ Shop in Bayport

September meet at Tim Millers’ Shop in Bayport Long Island
Report by L Brown
The weather was nice and cool as about a dozen members gathered at Tims’ shop. Mike Schermerhorn of Pure Iron was the featured person for the day. Mike started by giving the history of Pure Iron as having the need for a better material than commercially available steel, new wrought iron from England with its high cost or reused wrought iron from scrap with its varying qualities.

Mike explained that this has been a six year effort to find a manufacturer that could supply material to these specifications and a way to distribute it. He has found a manufacturer in Europe that supplied pure iron for electrical transformer plates. By getting them to cast a different size ingot and then having it rolled to large sizes there, he then splits the order with a group in Belgium and ships the rest here. Then it is shipped to mills here that will roll small quantities and then stocked at Art and Metal in Massachusetts.

Tim Miller pointed a piece of ¾"by 1" wrought iron which split at the tip, he then pointed the piece of 1" pure iron with what appeared less work and the upset it back into itself with a hammer. I pointed a 1" steel bar most of the way in one heat, then pointed a pure iron bar and up set it back to the original shape in one heat (Moves nice, makes you look good). Myself with Tim striking shouldered down a rough tenon, cut it off and then punched a 5/8 hole through the 1" bar in one heat. Marshall made a spoon out of 4"of ¼ by 1" bar, he usually uses wrought for this and was impressed with the quality of the iron. Throughout the rest of the day various members tried the iron and it met with very good reviews. John Vecchio gave a talk about a fire brick forge he made to heat long bars for straightening. Jon Folk gave a talk and demo on the handles for Norfolk latches he made for a house recently. The day was finished by Tim giving a talk and a demo on some of the tooling he has made for his power hammer and other jigs in the shop.