Walnford Day

Report by David Macauley
We had a wonderful time at Walnford on Sunday October 5th. Jeff Morelli who organized the event will be preparing the report for the newsletter, but I wanted to email all of you while everything was fresh in my mind. the short memory definitely dumps quite frequently these days. We were few but mighty: Jeff Morelli, John Chobrda, Mike Erdie, Tom Eden and family, Phil and Fred Hare and David Macauley and family

The weather was extremely pleasant and there was fare crowd for the event. We had demonstrations all day on three forges:, John's, Jeff's and one of the NJBA forges. We enticed two folks to try blacksmithing - I think they really enjoyed it and may join the organization. Although had them fill out a business card, we did not collect any money. I am hoping a follow up letter from Nate will get them to join. This is exactly what we did at the county fair and seems to be working.

Marshall was kind enough to replace the hitch on the trailer in the middle of harvest season - many thanks for that. He installed a heavy duty safety chain. Consequently, we were able to bring the trailer to the event. that was really helpful having access to the tools, vice, anvil etc. Jeff and I also moved the contents of the large red metal box into several smaller containers which pack so much easier. Tom mentioned that he picked up a fly system about the same size as what we have, but could be erected by one individual. I suggested that if that fly system works let's get one for the trailer. Tom will investigate further.

I talked to Mike about Howell Farm and a blacksmith shop there. Apparently, they are not very interested in a blacksmith shop and demonstrations after all. Mike and I agreed to give them one more chance and then it might be time to pick another site - perhaps Washington's Crossing in PA.

Pictures from Walnford Day