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Upcoming NJBA Meet Dates:
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Demonstration by Jonathan Nedbor & Tailgating Sat May 7, 10am-4pm Jonathan Nedbor will be holding a demonstration at East Jersey Old Town Village, focused on colonial hardware. Food will be provided. An area will be designated for tailgate sales. An Iron In The Hat will be held, so please consider bringing items to donate! East Jersey Old Town Village recommends that you bring your own chair. For further information, please contact NJBA Director Ryan Amos.

East Jersey Old Town Village is located at 1050 River Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854.

Knifemaking Demo by Mark Morrow Sat May 14, 10am-4pm Our friendly (?) local swordsmith will once again demonstrate knifemaking at Marshall's Forge (663 Casino Dr., Howell, NJ). Admission is free to NJBA members (but you can join at the door -- see last page of this Newsletter). An Iron In The Hat will be held, so please consider bringing items to donate!
Walnford Day Sun May 15, 11am-5pm NJBA will demonstrate blacksmithing to the public at Historic Walnford, 62 Walnford Rd, Allentown, NJ 08501. We'll arrive at about 10 AM to set up the forge(s). Members are welcome to participate. Please contact Bruce Freeman or Marshall Bienstock so we'll have a count of those who'd like to demonstrate, so we can bring enough equipment. There may be some food available for demonstrators, but it's prudent to bring your own lunch as the nearest restaurants are 4-5 miles away.
Hammer-In at the Blacksmith of Trenton Fall, 2022 Daniel Lapidow's a tour of The Blacksmith of Trenton (334 North Olden Avenue, Trenton, NJ), was under-attended due to some of use being snowed in. He plans to repeat the event this autumn. For more information, you can contact Daniel. (See Directors List in the newsletter)


Non-NJBA Meets
What When Description
Northeast Blacksmiths Spring Hammer-In April 22-24, 2022 Details here

Outside NJBA Meets