Report on the March 15th Leg Vise Workshop

This report is written by the editor who could not be there for the workshop (I won’t get into why) using information provided by Bruce Freeman, so if we have a name wrong or have forgotten you we apologize up front. The meet got off to an early start and most were working by 9:30 am. Jim Stapleford, Bob Herrmann, David Macauley, John Chobrda, Anton Holstrom, Jeff Morelli, Ben Suhaka and, of course, Mike and Mitch Were in Mikes shop. I understand Alex Parubchenko and John were at another nearby shop doing more of the welding. Coffee and sweet rolls had been thoughtfully provided by Mitch and John.
Two horizontal band saws were in operation, one to cut 8" channel for tables, one to cut 2" x 3" x 1/8"-wall rectangular tubing for legs. One complete unit had been cut out and was being jigged up in the next room. There, tack welding was done, after which some of the stands were taken to another shop for MIG welding. The work was slowed a bit by some custom fitting. In addition, the length of the legs had to be adjusted to the length of the vise leg. Despite this, the workshop went fairly smoothly, the only real bottleneck being welding. Bruce Freeman ran the IITH, and we raised $75 for NJBA.